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Once you’ve herded the three goats there, exit your jeep at that spot and go right until you find the first farmer you met earlier. Next to it is a Grappling Hook – you’ll want to take that. Next, jump down to Bigfoot’s cage and use your gardening shears.You and Bigfoot will float down to safety in a parachute. You and Mews will talk for a bit, and being the good-hearted person you are, you just can’t take that million-dollar reward because he wants to use it to help build a good habitat for Bigfoot. At least you get your medallion and credits to spend in the Poptropica Store! Click ‘Use’ on your newly-found , and you’ll be able to buy a Sports Drink! ) Go back to the lane with the fancy houses, and give the Sports Drink to the thirsty gardener.He’ll decide to take a break and give you his Gardening Shears to hold.Next, jump up the house and find the person sitting in a hot air balloon to the right. ) First, you have to drink the water that should be on your nightstand. You can go in any order, but I’m doing them in the easiest order – so Loch Ness, here we come! Inside the pub, grab the matches and talk to the dude who looks like this: Play a game of darts with him.Cut his rope with your Gardening Shears and you’ll obtain some extra Nylon Rope. it’s Gretchen Grimlock, the villain of this island who’ll do anything for Mews’s million dollars. ) Fortunately, the Mews-copter comes in and saves the day! Later, you’ll wake up, lying down on a nice comfy bed… Anyway, Harold Mews will come tell you to meet in the foyer. Exit the bedroom, and enter through the door on the lower right. Click and hold to drag the dart back, and release to throw.

Some way to the right of Pazhani were Joseph and Jane Clementi.

He’ll also upgrade your Ratty Darts to Osprey-feathered Darts. Go back to the Mews mansion, and show Mews the picture of Nessie. ) Take a picture, then head over to the Mews Mansion! Now go back to your helicopter, and go to the Himalayas. Dig out the old bathroom door from the trash, then enter the gas station bathroom and match it with the other old bathroom door.

Go back left, and under the bridge, there should be a guy with a yellow jeep. You will find out it’s fake: just some truck tires floating in the pond! Once you arrive at the Himalayas, go up a bit, until you see the Sherpa guide who’s carrying a big load on his back. Your character will copy down the completed Bathroom Door Message.

But watch out: you’re not the only one in search of these monsters…and your competitors will stop at nothing to find them!

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