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remind them that I swore one day, one day I would be hanging with Donny Osmond in his hotel room. But today he is all twinkly and every bit as handsome as he looked in my sisters’ copies of Jackie 35-odd years ago. And although he’s here to talk about his forthcoming UK concert with his sister Marie, he generously lets me have my moment. He is solicitous to a fault; and how do I repay him? At least it’s mock these days; there was a time when he suffered something of humour bypass about the whole Puppy Love thing and comments about his megawhite teeth, which, incidentally, don’t look in the least bit astonishing now that every X Factor wannabe has them. He understands that I am a woman of a certain age meeting my childhood heart-throb, so today isn’t about him, it’s about me.They are still going strong, which means their second marriage is most certainly more successful than their first was.Marie said she couldn’t be happier and whilst she was surprised to fall in love with her first husband once more, she also said she would never love another man more than she loved him.She sat down with to talk about their relationship and how love before prejudice is a better way of life. Perhaps that number is exaggerated or perhaps someone mistakenly added a zero at the end, but it seems that it was a big deal either way.“My wife had a picture of me on her bedroom door, but it wasn’t on the front of the door, where everyone could see it. I don’t want to sound corny, but my wife Debbie is the perfect woman, she…” “Whatever, Donny. You look so fresh, it’s like you were vacuum-packed in 1980.” “Clean living! They were Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay and later Donny and Jimmy – Marie never sang with them but hit the charts at the tender age of 13 with Paper Roses, and duetted later with Donny.

“I’d been performing since I was five, I didn’t know anything else.” Married aged 20, he went on to have five sons and will shortly welcome his sixth grandchild into the world.

“I’m a very religious person, but not a zealot,” he says, reasonably. The “My Beliefs” page (not something you’ll find on Justin Bieber’s site) features a lot of stern Old Testament quotations about the evils of fornication, and Book of Mormon references to the abominations of whoredom.

It’s hard to square this with his knockabout affability – humorousness is rarely next to godliness. ” I’m just trying to visualise Donny on the dark side when his minder gently intervenes.

Marie was only 22, but already a huge deal and famous enough to have a wedding reception that apparently included 4,500 guests.

All the more surprising is the fact that the marriage wasn’t a happy one.

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