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I didn’t see her for three days when we crossed paths in the student Commons.I bought her an iced tea and didn’t know how to act.Shortly after her second one, he made short strokes and pushed deep, groaning as he emptied his seed in with mine.Meg stared at me without smiling as she felt the hot spurts. It promptly exploded in the grip of a hot velvet glove.

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: How my college roommate's hot girlfriend changed my life. Meg was a pretty, lively, bright bundle of sexual joy. It was totally unlike my previous experience with coitus where the female partner simply laid there and let me masturbate into their vagina.

His swinging balls were slapping her ass with each stroke, eager to have their sperm swimming where mine already were.

Twice I saw her tighten her legs around him and whimper in orgasm like she had earlier done with me.

It was really different, but not better, to have an audience. My roommate had previously complained about wearing a wrapper and she simply said that he was fucking other girls and I wasn’t. I had a puzzled look so she went on to say that what she did with me was simply sex, as if I was just an extra penis for her use. This experience had gone on for a few weeks when my roommate explained that he was no longer dating other girls and wanted to dispense with the wrappers. Each of us had her three times by morning, I think. I didn’t see her for a week until we met in the Commons. She’d discovered my roommate had lied and broke up with him.

Dinner plans were made for three nights hence, her earliest availability.

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