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" You whispered and Luke quickly jumped behind your dresser and hid. "TV, closet, bed, I don't fucking know, find one!!We all know Niall Horan is arguably the most drool-worthy member of the band that was once One Direction.

"I promise I will love you and only you for the rest of my life." He said and you slammed your lips against his. " You whisper-shouted to Luke and he got up, panickingly trying to find a spot. " He whispered-shouted and you heard Louis's footsteps become more present."Hey baby girl." Louis said with a smile and you smiled back. " You asked casually and he sat next to you on your bed. "I know you've been dating since last month so I wanted to tell him something and I know he's here so if you don't want me ransacking your room," he said as he stood up and casually looked around your room. "Yeah right, you were focused on her boobs." You snapped and he threw his hands up in defeat. " He yelled before storming out of yours and Harrys shared flat."Its not my fault you panicked and made me panic." He defended himself and you giggled. After a while of you laying in your bed, softly crying, Harry knocked on your door. " Harry asked as he opened your door slowly and you sniffled. "I don't think Ashton feels the same about me as he used to when we first started dating." You said and Harry looked at you confused. "I think he lost interest in me." You whispered before you started crying into Harrys shoulder."I know that you guys have feelings for each other so I approve of your relationship but Luke, if you ever hurt her, I swear to god I will put you in the hospital. "You're a geek." You said and you both sat down at your desk, doing your homework step by step. "I'm ok Haz." You said quietly but since your voice cracked, you knew he wouldn't believe you. "That's impossible baby, he loves you." Harry said and you shook your head.

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