Sober dating boston

Then there are the guys I wouldn’t dream of dating —the party boys (uh, , alcoholics) who don’t drink remotely like Normal People, and see nothing wrong with pounding away six shots of tequilsa at the taqueria, one after another.I had a close encounter with a member of this species on a brunch date last year.

In fact, sobriety can lead to a much bigger and more colorful social calendar.There are over 2,000 meetings in the greater Boston area, and the city boasts a "commitment exchange" program, through which local AA groups send members to speak at other meetings.These exchanges -- sort of like 12-Step field trips -- allow Boston's members to expand their sober networks and to experience a wider range of recovery, all within the comfort of their own home group.He was a considerate guy who held doors open, carried my bike up the stairs and offered to feed my cats when I went away. Things progressed nicely until, while we were cuddled on my couch one night, Craig said, “It makes me sad that we can never have a glass of wine together.” Which, to my hypersensitive brain, sounded like the fact that I didn’t drink was a deal-breaker.He claimed he was just being honest, and we tried to talk me out of my funk.

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