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Email me your requests (or anything else to lelulovexo ATgmail DOTcom Little Kandy (or Little Candy depending on her mood!

) is the babe who will be entertaining you for today’s Squirtamania show, and that should prove to be some show!

This is one about the perils of using technology to "save money" for you company. ***** IN A 37th FLOOR CORNER OFFICE IN CENTER CITY Sarah was hard at work comparing costs on a spreadsheet.

Sometimes it's not the wisest thing to go the cheapest. She was known as a hard charger and was already a Junior VP at 28 in the Gorges Street Company, an exclusive hedge fund company that was a definite up and comer since the Platinum Corporation had undergone some rather massive changes recently.

Not just because we get to see the lovely Sadie Blake and Jade Amber (also known as Roslyn Belle) in action, and they will be in action from midday PST, but because we’re receiving some amazing news about Pornstar Camhouse.

They are saying that they are now going daily with their shows! We hope that this goes as well as we think it will.

To keep up-to-date with who is performing with them on a daily basis (their next show after this will be Monday but they haven’t announced who it will be yet), keep an eye on the Free Ones Cams page – or on this very blog!

You will be able to watch her in action from 10am PST and the show will go live here.

Then place the names of travel expenses in say D5 and training expenses in F5.

Like I said in the previous post, please place "Option Explicit" at the top of the module and click Debug-Hi Malik When you say the screen updating works fine for you, do you mean you don't get a message in the status bar saying Word is updating the fields in this document, the document will not look fully opened but the title of the document will appear at the top.

Once again, it’s free for anyone that’s a member of her official website, and the show starts at 4pm PST.

Obviously, it’s not surprising and I think it is fitting that August Ames has topped the weekly Free Ones Chart this week, a position she has held a number of times in the past. Elsewhere in the top 10, previous chart toppers Anissa Kate and Angela White make up the other slots in the top three – which pretty much means that the charts are being dominated by the A Team!

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