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Under the scheme, all medically fit males 14–18 years of age had to serve in cadets.Boys who did not comply were charged and dealt with by the courts. Senior cadets aged between 16–18 years of age were attached to Militia Units (now known as Army Reserve Units), called Regimental Detachments, while students aged between 14–16 years of age remained as school cadets.The first official unit in Australia was established on 29 March 1866 at St Mark's Collegiate School by Reverend Macarthur.In June 1868, The King's School had closed and did not reopen until January 1869, when it was amalgamated with the St Mark's unit, the unit was renamed The King's School Cadets Corps.Uniforms, transport, rations and personal equipment all had to be funded by the school, parents or community organisations such as the RSL.As a result, most government school based cadet units closed between 19.More than 2000 cadets representing the units of 41 state schools, 11 independent or private schools and one catholic school were inspected by the Governor.In 1910, the universal training scheme was introduced.

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A school holiday was proclaimed on 19 November 1886 to mark the occasion of the first public parade of the Victorian Cadet Force at Albert Park.

An embryonic corps was founded by Newington College when a drill master was appointed to staff in 1865.

Two years later, a sergeant-major was appointed and muskets and carbines were purchased and an armoury and gunpowder store were opened at Newington College.

Once enrolled, they may remain as a cadet until the day before they attain the age of twenty years.

A cadet in the AAC is not considered to be a member of the Australian Defence Force, nor are cadets allowed to be a member of the Defence Force or, other than in approved exceptional circumstances, any other cadet service during their time as a cadet.

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