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All the Lovely Ladies Prince Harry Dated Before Getting Engaged" data-reactid="66"Related All the Lovely Ladies Prince Harry Dated Before Getting Engaged Harry was so "besotted" with Meghan that he introduced her to his father, Prince Charles.

Apparently they met when Meghan visited the family's Balmoral estate for a shooting party as part of Harry's 32nd birthday back in September 2016.

She will be fine." He expressed excitement in one day meeting Meghan, adding, "As long as they are both happy that's all that you can ask for.According to Us Weekly, "They had gotten on when they first met but it was just as friends," but then "developed romantic interests in each other and, before you knew it, they were texting every day." By the end of the month, Meghan began following Harry's private Instagram account.Image Source: Getty / Karwai Tangpicking out a Christmas tree at the Pines and Needles outdoor market, and the following week we finally got a glimpse of them together as they were photographed leaving a production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Gielgud Theater." data-reactid="50"Meghan and Harry went on a few dates at the Soho House in London with a group of friends."One of the first things they spoke about was all the work she does with shelter animals.He loves that she's so caring."" data-reactid="56"Meghan and Harry bonded over their philanthropic efforts, as both the actress and the prince have done extensive charity work around the globe and especially in and around Africa.

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